Excel Showing Blank White Screen

A client recently called me and they had received an Excel Workbook (.xlsx) via email, but when they opened it, all they could see was a blank white screen with a grey left sidebar. They thought something was wrong with that one workbook, but when they tried to open an old Excel Workbook that they had opened many times before, the same thing happened. This was now happening with every Workbook they opened, even a blank, new workbook.

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Checking a Google Workspace Email in a Personal Gmail Account

I recently had a client who set up a new Google Workspace account for a non-profit they are part of. They wanted to check their new Google Workspace email account in their personal Gmail account so that they could check everything in one place through the Gmail web interface. They tried adding the address to Gmail, but kept getting an authentication error. Here’s how I solved it.

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Can’t Authorize SSH Key in cPanel

I was working on a new website that is on a shared host using cPanel. I contacted the host and had them activate SSH access on the account for me, and then I added my public key using cPanel’s import feature. After adding my key, I clicked on “Manage” to authorize the key for use, but I just got a blank cPanel screen with no options on it other than the “Go back” link.

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