Magento Down After Uninstalling Module

We needed to remove a module from a Magento 1 installation. It was installed through Magento Connect Manager, so I went to uninstall it through Magento Connect Manager as well. I found the module in the list, choose Uninstall under Actions, and then clicked “Commit Changes”. The uninstall did not work, and we could no longer access the store or the admin panel. Continue reading “Magento Down After Uninstalling Module”

Categories in Magento Store Will Not Display

I installed Magento, and set up my categories through the admin panel. Then, I opened my browser to view my categories, but they were nowhere to be found. Through trial, error, and tips from from some very kind Magento experts, I was able to get them to display. Here is what I discovered. Continue reading “Categories in Magento Store Will Not Display”