Fixing a Toyota Sienna Automatic Window

After our 2010 Toyota Sienna van was in the shop this week, its driver’s side window stopped working correctly. It used to go all the way down automatically when you pushed it all the way down, and all the way up automatically when you pulled it all the way up. When you pulled the rocker switch half-way up or pushed it half-way down, then it would just move the window up and down per normal.

Even though the work on the van did not involve the electrical system or the windows, the window would now not go up and down automatically. Additionally, when I turned off the van, I used to be able to still close all of the windows even though the engine was completely turned off (until you opened one of the doors). After the work was done, though, the driver’s side window would not work at all after the engine was turned off (the other windows all still did).

I called over to the shop and asked if they had any ideas on why this would have stopped working. I know it had to do with something they did because I know it worked when I took it in.

They did some research and got back to me pretty quickly. Sometimes when the system is worked on, parts of the system may need to be reset. In order to reset the window, they said to turn on the car, and then hold the switch up (like you are rolling up the window) for either 6 or 12 seconds (there were conflicting reports as to how long it needed to be held).

I went out and started the car. I pulled the switch up for 14 seconds, just to be safe, and voilà – the window was working correctly again!

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