A Group Effort

Here is my latest editorial for the June 2013 issue of php[architect] magazine:

php[architect] - June 2013

A Group Effort

In a typical day, pretty much everyone on the internet encounters PHP (I’m sure there are a few exceptions), and whether we love them or hate them, some of the biggest websites and software packages are built on PHP. One of the reasons that PHP has had such a success is that it has had a good focused purpose, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that PHP is free and works well with many other common, useful tools. Continue reading “A Group Effort”

Cleaning Up a Hacked E-mail Account

Many people use free e-mail account; in fact, you might say almost all of us do. Free e-mail accounts are easy to get and handy to have, but there has been a more consistent pattern as of late where e-mail accounts are being hacked. This is becoming very common, and I have been asked so many times what to do when an account is hacked, that I decided to write down my suggestions for getting things cleaned up. Continue reading “Cleaning Up a Hacked E-mail Account”

Mail Merges in Thunderbird

I send a lot of e-mail, and I often have to send the same message to lots of people. I really hate it when people put everyone in the To field (so everyone gets your e-mail address), and I’m also not a fan of putting everyone in the Bcc field either (as that can trigger spam filters). However, who has the time to copy and paste a message 50 times? Certainly not me, so I started looking for a better solution. Continue reading “Mail Merges in Thunderbird”

Modifying YouTube Video Display in WordPress

WordPress automatically handles YouTube links, which can be very helpful. However, this means you are stuck with whatever WordPress has configured, so if you want to customize how the videos are displayed – like eliminating the related video previews that display at the end of the video – you are out of luck…at least until you install this plugin. Continue reading “Modifying YouTube Video Display in WordPress”