Fixing the “-2” in WordPress Category Slugs

I was asked to look at a WordPress site that needed help with their pretty URLs. Most of them worked just fine, but a few of the categories had “-2” at the end of them, and they wanted that removed. The “-2” normally signifies that it’s a duplicate, but they did not have any duplicate categories. So what was causing the “-2”?  Continue reading “Fixing the “-2” in WordPress Category Slugs”

WPML Pages Keep Reverting to Default Language

I’m working on a website that is using the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML) to support having the site translated into multiple other languages. I have English set as the default language and then 12 other languages activated. We added the content for all of the additional 12 languages, and everything was working great. We’ve now run into an issue, though, that every time we update the English version of the page, all of the other language versions reset back to English. Continue reading “WPML Pages Keep Reverting to Default Language”

Modifying YouTube Video Display in WordPress

WordPress automatically handles YouTube links, which can be very helpful. However, this means you are stuck with whatever WordPress has configured, so if you want to customize how the videos are displayed – like eliminating the related video previews that display at the end of the video – you are out of luck…at least until you install this plugin. Continue reading “Modifying YouTube Video Display in WordPress”