finally{}: Survival of the Fiendish

In ages past, the claim has been that the “fittest” survive. Nowadays, the fittest appear to fall by the wayside, crowded out by those fiendishly over-promising, under-delivering, and making it unbearably difficult to escape.

I spent the greater part of yesterday and today in annoying agony. What had I done to deserve this fate? Well, I tried to pay a company money for a service they sell. I know, I know…how dare I commit such a heinous crime.

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Thunderbird Icon Missing After Upgrade

I use Thunderbird on MacOS, and after a recent upgrade, the icon in my dock changed to the default piece of paper with the Application “A” symbol on it. This made it surprisingly difficult for me to find the icon when I needed it. It’s amazing how ingrained things become or maybe I just don’t like change. Needless to say, I needed to find a way to get it back. Continue reading “Thunderbird Icon Missing After Upgrade”