My New Adventure

As many of you know, I love working with PHP and being a part of its community. When I left php[architect], I chose not to jump into something new right away because I wanted to make really, really sure that whatever company I joined would not only embrace this love, but encourage it. I didn’t want to sell something; I wanted to build something to make the community a better place.

I am thrilled to report that I’ve found the right place and have joined the team at Code Climate (

Code Climate is a relative newcomer to the PHP community. I first heard about them when Igor Wiedler (@igorwhiletrue) asked if I had seen that they were looking for a PHP dev/community person. I did some research, and I really liked what I learned. In a nutshell, Code Climate’s automated code review helps make your code better, and they make it fit easily into your development pattern so you don’t even have to think twice about it. Now that, I thought, is a product I can get behind.

Once I started talking to the team at Code Climate, I knew this was going to be a good fit. They weren’t looking for a sales person for the PHP market. They were looking for someone who could help them shape their PHP product – not just someone who knows PHP, but someone who wants to be involved in the community and is willing to be an advocate for the needs of the community within their team.

I love being an advocate for better code. (For those of you who have seen my Continuous Integration in Real Life talk, what’s my favorite “S” word? Standards!) Well, now I get to help make sure we have a great tool to help with that, and I’m so excited to get started.

I’d like to thank all the awesome members of the PHP community for helping me go from a quiet girl hiding behind a male IRC handle to the community-loving person I’ve become today. Special shout outs to Davey Shafik (@dshafik), Cal Evans (@CalEvans), Adam Culp (@AdamCulp), Johanna Cherry (@JohannaCherry), Arbi Arzoumani (@arzoum), Andrew Shell (@AndrewShell), Jon Sundquist (@jsundquist), Michelangelo van Dam (@DragonBe), and most of all, @paleozombie and Liam for their encouragement through this process.

What is Code Climate?

Code Climate helps you with standards compliance, reducing duplication, reducing complexity, and we’re even working on security checks. When you review your code with Code Climate, you can feel confident sharing that code with other devs. Running an open source project? Code Climate can make sure the PR’s you get are clean and ready to be merged.

It’s more than just a code review, though. Code Climate also mentors you to help you improve your code in the future. For each check, Code Climate provides a helpful “read-up” which teaches you why we are checking for this specific item/pattern, gives you tips for refactoring the code, and provides resources to help you learn more about the issue. We don’t just leave you hanging with a failing check, we help you become a stronger coder.

Getting involved with a product that helps improve code, encourages standards compliance, and mentors developers is super exciting, but this is not just an opportunity for me. The Code Climate team is open to feedback from the PHP community so now is your chance to try it out and help shape the future of this awesome product!

P.S. You can always get a free 14-day trial on, but if you promise to chat with me about your experience using the product, I just might have a two-month free trial for you.