Whirlwind Tour

I’m starting to learn just how much work it is to be a speaker at conferences. I always thought you just showed up and spoke. Now that I’m on the other side of this, I realize just how much work it is to find flights, coordinate the hotel, make sure that none of your trips overlap, and finally, see if you can afford to attend if the speaker package doesn’t cover your travel expenses. So, be sure to take a moment and thank your favorite conference speakers. It really is a labor of love for all of them. Continue reading “Whirlwind Tour”

@&#* ’em – You’re Just as Smart as They Are

Once upon a time, I was a nobody in the PHP community. Then I ran into a problem and needed to ask someone…gulp…a newbie question. The responses I received were awesome and encouraging, so I started getting more involved. As I started attending conferences, I thought, “Wow, how amazing that these people know enough to get up and give a talk. That would be so awesome if I could do that.” Continue reading “@&#* ’em – You’re Just as Smart as They Are”

Bittersweet Has Never Been More True

The last month or so has been a strange mixture of surprise, sadness, and hopeful excitement. I have been working with Blue Parabola for the last several years, and without a doubt, it has been an absolute blast. Not only have I gotten to be involved in the community and educating others as my job, but I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people throughout the years. The blame for this amazing trip lies squarely with Johanna Cherry, who convinced me to attend my first ever PHP conference (php|works in Atlanta) and Paul Reinheimer, who hired me the first time we met at said conference. (Momentary insanity or brilliant coup? I like to think it was a little of both.) Continue reading “Bittersweet Has Never Been More True”