Playing Ticket to Ride with a Four Year Old

I love strategy-based board games, and I have a four year old that loves to play games with me. There aren’t many board games for four year olds that aren’t mostly (if not entirely) chance-based, so I wanted to find a way to start introducing my son, Liam, to games with some strategy in them. Ticket to Ride seemed like a good choice, but he’s only just learning to read so the city names are currently beyond his ability to sound out. Sticky notes to the rescue!


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Ducks in a Row

Here is my latest editorial for the August 2013 issue of php[architect] magazine:


php[architect] - August 2013

Ducks in a Row

“Don’t reinvent the wheel.” “Don’t waste time; use existing libraries.” I can’t even count how many times I have heard this advice in various forms, but reusing code means relying on external resources, and external resources add their own brand of complexity. Continue reading “Ducks in a Row”

Categories in Magento Store Will Not Display

I installed Magento, and set up my categories through the admin panel. Then, I opened my browser to view my categories, but they were nowhere to be found. Through trial, error, and tips from from some very kind Magento experts, I was able to get them to display. Here is what I discovered. Continue reading “Categories in Magento Store Will Not Display”

WPML Pages Keep Reverting to Default Language

I’m working on a website that is using the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML) to support having the site translated into multiple other languages. I have English set as the default language and then 12 other languages activated. We added the content for all of the additional 12 languages, and everything was working great. We’ve now run into an issue, though, that every time we update the English version of the page, all of the other language versions reset back to English. Continue reading “WPML Pages Keep Reverting to Default Language”