Oh Great, Another Conference

Everyone seems to have their own conference, so why do we need another one? After all, we can all only attend so many conferences while still getting at least a little work done at our day jobs. So why am I helping organize yet another conference?

A conference is more than just an event. It’s an opportunity to meet with other developers, build a network, get excited about new projects and ideas, and meet the companies that make awesome tools to help speed development along.

We used to go to school almost every day. We were steeped in learning and constantly engaging a wide array of new ideas. We grew constantly. Now, we are stuck in the hustle and bustle of being grown up. We have projects, bugs, deadlines, and emergencies that don’t leave much time for anything else. But is that really all we want out of our jobs? What about inspiration, passion, and excitement? Those are the things you can find at a conference, and when you take them back to your office, community, or company, they can infect your entire group. Suddenly, new ideas are flowing, projects are flying, and everyone is happy to be there. That is what a conference can do for your team.

And so, I cordially invite you to yet another conference…

Madison PHP

Madison PHP Conference

November 16th, 2013
Warner Park Community Recreation Center, Madison, WI


This one-day conference has two tracks of talks and an open spaces area so there will be lots of opportunities to get to know each other and the speakers. Additionally, we have tracks for beginners who want to learn PHP and tracks for people who have been working with PHP for a decade. Most of all, though, we have lots of love for PHP, and we want to share that with you. Blind Bird tickets are available through October 15th for only $40 (that’s $60 off the full price!). Interested in speaking? Our Call for Papers is now open! I hope to see everyone there!