Moving Files in Google Drive

For many organizations that I work with, we have a system of folders in Google Drive to show which step of the process a certain document is in. To move a document to the next step in the process, you move the document to the next folder. I am often working in the online interface, and it is really annoying to have to move the document up one directory and then back down into a different directory.

Some people in our organizations were able to right click on the document and get a “Move” option to just move the file into the correct folder. However, when I right-clicked on the file, I had no such option. I did some digging, though, and discovered that there is a keyboard shortcut to move files in Google Drive. When you are in the web interface, you can click on a file and then click: Shift + Z. A new small window will open and allow you to choose which directory you want to move the file into.

While this is helpful at times, the window defaults to your top level Google Drive directory. This is where you choose between your own drive and files shared with you. If the directories you are working with are nested many levels down from there, it can take longer to navigate this new window than to just drag the file up a level and then back down into the next folder.