Windows 10 Suddenly Can’t Convert PDF to JPG

I have a client who contacted me because they had always been able to convert PDF files into JPG files (and a large list of other file types) by opening the PDF and choosing Save As. Today, though, they suddenly couldn’t. When they opened the PDF and went under File to Save As, the only option is to save it as a PDF file.

I signed into their computer to take a look and had them show me what they were doing. I found the issue pretty quickly. PDF files were opening now in Adobe Reader instead of Adobe Acrobat Pro, but the two programs look identical on Windows 10, so my client could not tell the difference.

To fix the issue, I went into Windows Explorer and found a PDF file. I right-clicked on it and choose Properties. I then went down to the section where it says to open the file with Adobe Reader, and clicked “Change”. I choose “Adobe Acrobat Pro” and saved my changes. Even though I made this change in the property for one file, it makes the change globally for all PDF files.

We tested it, and everything was back to the way it was. Adobe should really make the programs look different so users can easily tell when they are suddenly not using the program they thought they were using. In any case, at least it was a quick fix.